Call Your Mommy – Mommy Phone Sex Fantasies

Mommy Phone Sex is a very popular fantasies among the men who call my chat lines. It’s a fact that often raises eyebrows when I tell that to my friends who are curious enough about my job to ask me questions about it. Since most of these women are mothers themselves, I often wonder why they act so surprised. And even if they haven’t yet entered the wonderful world of motherhood, they already have (or have had) a kid at home: their husband (boyfriend)!

mommy phone sex

Our dearest beloved can indeed be the biggest kids of them all. Just like kids, they need to be pampered, looked after, supported, cajoled, encouraged… etc…  They need feeding, constant TLC. And they need sex from us.  And if you think that they stop being kids during sex, let me tell you something…  You are sorely mistaken.  Or you’re missing out. Because sex is oftentimes when they reveal themselves as they really are… Mommy’s boys who want one thing above all else: TLC from their mommy.

Of course, at that stage, TLC becomes a particular sort of tender loving care, a tad more carnal, but it is at that moment that your dearly beloved surrender their control over to you, the woman who has just become their mommy, even for the short time it takes them to… Well, you know what I mean. You don’t believe me? Next time you have your man lying in bed with you, at the ready (so to speak), grab him (where it counts), look at him in the eyes, and ask him if he has been a bad boy. Does he need mommy to take care of “it”? Should mommy punish him? If you do that, you might realize the power that comes with becoming a mommy.

There are many reasons why men have this sexual fixation about sex with motherly women. Perhaps it is the perpetual naughty boy in them who needs tough love, or the fact that for men, nothing quite like compares to the love of a mother.  Whatever the reason might be, there’s of course nothing wrong in fantasizing about it, and there is no better platform to do so then during a phone sex conversation.

I should add that it is the motherly woman that most men fantasize about and not their own mother. I am talking about women who assume the role of mothers during sexual play. And when men do call you mommy during sex, it’s a title they give you. It’s part of a game that’s being played. The game is called role play by the way and if you’ve not tried it, then you’re seriously missing out on some real fun.

It’s about a man becoming a boy and reaching out to his mommy. It’s about the woman who then assumes the role of a mother. In this context, the woman becomes the mommy, and her  her an regresses to the good or naughty little boy he once was, and would love nothing more then to be again, even for the time of sexual play. And this boy has special needs that need attending to. Incest is not what mommy phone sex is all about by the way, and I like that it’s not.

A mommy will accept the love and adoration of her “baby boy” and use it to further his education, guide him, test him and then punish his mistakes if she deems it necessary. In turn, good behavior are suitably rewarded with the pleasure that only a mommy can give.  A mommy’s boy may purposely act naughty so that he may receive the impeding punishment and that’s all part of the game. Mommy is there to make him become a better person, physically, spiritually and mentally.

That said, there are many variation to the mommy fantasy.

mommy phone sex

Mommy Dommes

The word Domme, as referred to in the BDSM community refers to any female dominant who enjoys to be in control of their male partner. Mommy Dommes are therefore dominant (Dommes) females who assume the role of mothers in their sexual (sometimes even beyond) relationship with their men.

These men go by any number of names, from slave to sissy, to maid, to bitch, to sissy boy and so on and so forth.   Mommy Dommes act as dominant and often times take all control away from their males.

Not unlike the BDSM relationship between a Domme and her slave, Mommy Dommes can also administer tough love, even going as far as handing out punishment (corporal and or mental), bondage, sexual play and more. the only difference is that as a loving mommy, she can choose to be more lenient towards her “baby”. The element of role play is predominant in these relationships.

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Mommy’s Sissy

A derivative of the Mommy Domme theme, the Mommy’s Sissy fantasy involves elements of cross-dressing.  A sissy boy may be required to shave his legs, wear women’s clothes, women’s shoes, a wig, makeup so that boy may become girl, all that under the guidance of his mommy.

The sissy theme may or may not involve humiliation (sensual, teasing or even hardcore). Mommy may choose to take her sissy boy out in public, all dressed up and made up. Or she may require that Sissy Boy becomes her own personal maid.

She may even spank her sissy boy if she thinks she deserves it.  Mommy refers to sissy as “she” since she is no longer a boy. The emasculation, as virtual as it might be, means that the man becomes spiritually castrated. Sissy has lost her identity as a male.  Mommy now holds it in her hands.

I am often told that men, real men would never allow themselves to become sissies, that surely they must be born submissive but in my experience, any man can succumb to the control of his woman, and become they Mommy’s Boy (see next paragraph), even if they resist becoming their Mommy’s Sissy.

One last thing I’ll say, since this article is all about mommy phone sex.  There are a lot subs out there, submissive males who need to surrender to their Dommes. I personally love all my sissies but there is something I have NEVER done, that I will I EVER do, and nor will I EVER allow anyone who works for me to do either: To turn subs into money slaves. To demand tribute from their subs.

To my subs or sissies, I say indeed be a sissy, but don’t be an idiot. Humiliation is one thing but being exploited by greedy, opportunistic scavengers is quite another. Unfortunately, many scheming phone sex dommes don’t think like that, rob their sissy under false pretense and get away with it.

Don’t be that sissy boy! Call me instead –> 1-800-543-6490

Mommy’s Boy

This is my personal favorite.  I have a caller who is the cutest thing ever. He is the most polite, obedient mommy’s boy and Mommy just loves him. I have put Mommy’s Boys in a category separate from Mommy’s Sissy because it really is and not all men want to become sissies. A woman can be as motherly as she wishes to be, and mommy’s boy will love her for it.

Humiliation (gentle) is very much a part of this fantasy. Mommy may hold her little boy’s little winky and just laugh at it.  “Oh you’re so small, she may tell him, what could she ever do with such a small penis, she might as well call it a clit, it’s so small.”

And just in case you say that your man isn’t really that small, even if his is really an averaged size penis, the fact that mommy calls it such is a huge emotional trigger which then turns his penis into a little winky, with all the emotional attachment that comes with it.  You know how men fret about size! Try to tell him this for fun during sex:  “Mommy’s boy is so small”… Or… “Mommy is going to show your little winky to all her girl friends”… Or… “Mommy things you should become a sissy cuckold don’t you think?”

Mommy’s Boy Training –> 1-800-543-6490

Mommy’s Little Girl

A derivative of Mommy’s Sissy, boy has been feminized to the extent that he is not longer referred to a such.  He’s just a girl. Feminization is a very popular phone sex theme but the way. So is humiliation which I have touched on briefly on this page.

Sissy Cuckold

Has aspects of bisexuality, sometimes forced bisexuality, mixed in with a lot of humiliation.  Sissy is so useless as a lover that Mommy needs to bring in a real man to have sex with, and here’s the juicy stuff:  Sissy will not just become a cuckold but will also be forced to watch Mommy being serviced by a real man and do things to him that she would never do to her sissy.

Mommy’s sissy may even be required to submit, both physically and spiritually to mommy’s lover. Forced bisexuality is a real turn on and whilst the life of a sissy cuckold is not for everyone, it is sure fun to talk about it during phone sex.

By the way, watching one’s wife being fucked but another man is a huge turn on for all parties concerned.  This is strictly no longer within the realm of mommy phone sex of course, but it is a theme that I often incorporate during my phone conversations with subs. How does a sissy cuckold faggot sound to you?

You’re sure you want to be a Sissy Cuckold –> 1-800-543-6490

Sissy Spanking

If you’re read 50 shades of grey, then you know that corporal punishment, generally thought of as being administered from a man on a woman is a very powerful sexual aphrodisiac for the woman who receives it. Well, Sissy Spanking takes this to the next level and just so that you know, spanking a man is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon… Just saying…

I once opened a phone sex conversation with the following:

“Sissy is going to be spanked in his panties by Mommy”.

We hadn’t been on the phone for a minute yet and sissy was already done.  This one sentence was enough to send her over the edge.  It took a while for sissy to recover her senses and she was glad when she did.

Just saying..

Want Mommy To Tell Sissy What Spanking Really is? –> 1-800-543-6490

Mommy’s Sissy Maid

Let’s put it out there, for all of the women out there who are reading this page and I know there are quite a few judging form the amount of personal feedback I receive in my inbox. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a living maid to clean your house, cook, run errands…  Wait… There is. Husband is.

Or has the potential to become one.

First turn him into a Mommy’s Boy. Let him work his way into a Sissy Boy. Decide whether she needs upgrading into a sissy cuckold, fine tune her as your submissive sissy, and then bingo..  You’ll have yourself a sissy maid.

I had a caller once who went through this process and in less than 3 years became a full time sissy maid. I say I had because his wife, (I should say her wife really) has since forbidden him to have any contact with anyone, unless she specifically gives him the permission to do so. She’s one tough Momma, but she’s got a sissy maid in the process, as well as all these other perks that comes with this particular territory.

Sissy Maid… Are you up to it yet? –> 1-800-543-6490

Submissive Sissy

All of the above really.

Tease and Denial

I think I’ll do a whole article about this theme because it really deserves it.  Tease and denial is the ultimate role playing.  And when Mommy does that to her sissy boy, well… she may well have sent her to heaven…

Try this for good measure: “Mommy knows you need it. Your cock is so hard it hurts. You’ve never wanted to cum as badly as you do right now, have you? No you haven’t. But Mommy’s not going to let you cum yet. Mommy’s not done toying with my sweet boy. Mommy’s going to keep you right here, right on the edge of ecstasy.”

And when, finally, you make him cum….  “Oh yes. Oh my baby. Mommy’s sweet baby. Oh my God, it’s so beautiful. Look at it. Yes, yes, in Mommy’s hands baby. Mommy’s catching all your precious cum in her hands just like you like darling. Oh yes, Mommy did it for you honey. Mommy made you cum. I held you in my hands. I could see everything, I could feel everything. Every contraction, every pulse, every spurt. It’s the most beautiful thing Mommy has ever seen or done.

And to wrap this article up, here are some of the things I have said or have heard my callers say during mommy phone sex

“Spanking are for naughty boys”

“Of course you’re entitled to your own opinion darling.  You’re just not entitled to express it.”

“Your limp dangling dicklet is a constant reminder why I turned you in to a sissy cuckold.”

“Quit claiming you’re not gay!  Your codk is drooling sissy”

“Anal makes your sissyclit drip”

“Have you met the man who’s fucking your wife yet?”

“You wouldn’t even know what to know with a girl like me!”

“Stocking are not part of your life”

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Mommy Phone Sex

mommy phone sex

In addition to his scientific work, Albert Einstein was a very wise man when he said that

The only source of knowledge is experience.

Some people will think it’s a sacrilege for a person (who “talks dirty” to men over the phone) to invoke the genius of Mr. Einstein and that maybe true, if it wasn’t for the fact that what makes me successful in my line of work is precisely that which cannot be learned… Experience.

To that end, it may not surprise some of you that one of the most popular topic of conversation between my callers and myself is mommy phone sex. For most of the men who call me, talking to mommy is less about incest and more about their primordial urge to be loved, and who loves you more than your mom? No one. Of course it’s a particular kind of love that they want to talk about but since our conversations are all about adult phone fantasies between consenting adults then I can take them to areas of their brains and explore with them the very essence of their urges.

Whatever my “boys” need, mommy (me) is always more than happy to provide. Whether it be a mother’s unconditional love where TLC and discipline makes for the most delicious serving, there are things that only Mommy can really give, whether you are a good or a bad boy…

There are many reasons why men have mommy fantasies not least the fact that a hot mom is for most of us a real turn on. Whether it’s your own mom you have the hots for or you remember how horny you used to get when you saw one of your best friends gorgeous mother, back when you were in college and the thought of what she could do to you hasn’t faded away, now is a very good time to call me.

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It’s a sexy world out there

Phone Sex Kingdom

Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.  It’s a sexy world out there.  True, there are those who don’t share this view but I am not talking to them am I?  Blindness is a matter of conscience.  With or without eyes, there are those who choose to see, and the others… well I won’t dwell on this any more.

When I was growing up I was always known for my irreverent approach to the world.  This behavior rightly (or not) landed me in plenty of troubles and whilst a minor, there wasn’t anything much I could about the reaction of those who had power over me, namely my parents. If in their eyes, I misbehaved, they made sure I knew about their displeasure and was told that actions had consequences. I spent many a weekends grounded in my bedroom, cooped up in my luxury cage with, as the only form of evasion, access to my parents extensive collection of books.

There were books about every subject under the sun, which I devoured hungrily as a means to let my freedom express itself somehow.  Among these books was an essay about arousal.  Written in the early 1900’s the approach to this subject was pompous in its pseudo scientific description but I remember feeling vindicated when I saw that arousal was indeed this irrepressible force, which we all go through, in stages, throughout our lives.

The notion of arousal stirred me up to the extent that it made me realize those impulses which my parents had never properly explained were quite natural.  It is whilst reading this essay that the essence of who I am today took root.  It is then that Alicia became ArouseAlica, the woman I am today.

Twenty years on, as a mother of three kids, ArouseAlica is still very much alive. In fact more now then ever.  Having worked in the corporate world after college, met my then husband and become a young stay at home mom, I found a job as a phone sex operator.  For me, it was much more than a job though.  It gave me a platform to explore just about every aspect of human sexuality, and if there is one platform that is ideal for this type of exploration then it is indeed phone sex.

Working for someone else wasn’t fun though, even if I was working from home and was making my own schedule.  Soon, I resigned from this job, put an ad in my local newspaper and thus ArouseAlica transformed her world into a phone sex kingdom in which the telephone ruled.  And my imagination.

Turns out, I am very good at it.  If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is call: